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"Dear Camille,

I wanted to write and thank you for being my life coach this past year. Without you, I could not have gotten through the situations presented me as well as I did. With you I was able to hold on to my own strengths, maintain a good out look on life, and see key behaviors that were holding me back and then change them. It has been several months now, and your words of wisdom and promptings have stayed with me. When I am not thinking in a certain way, I can hear your voice in my head encouraging me, and offering different ways to think about the situation. You have changed my life for the better in every aspect there is!  


Today, I am able to keep my focus on what it is I want. What used to be stumbling blocks are now opportunities waiting to happen. I have started the business that we spoke of. I have a business partner, office, financial adviser, and have seen people draw to me that will increase my business faster than ever before! I do not have just one way of earning monies but 5!!!  How great is that? I am so grateful to you and the opportunities you helped me to see, do, and  now I have it!  You were a heaven sent gift to me. I thank you for all you did for me every day."  - Sheri B.

Dear Camille,

Just a brief note of thanks to tell you how much I appreciate and have benefited from your personal coaching, as well as your 90-minute teleconference calls. Prior to joining your program, I had attended many seminars, listened to many CDS and tapes from sales gurus. Although I received some benefit from them, none of them has helped me as much as your program. I was always doing well with my company and was ranked No 5. Try as I might, I was never able to blast myself to the Number One position which as a part of your needs assessment was my primary goal.


I am happy to report that for the second month in a row, January and February that I am ranked number one in the company and with your help and my abilities and hard work, intend to stay in that slot for the remainder of the year. The most recent sales contest that I won was  for most sales from the 15th of February to the 28th, $18,000.00 in sales resulting in being able to get the first place Gold in our Winter Olympics contest which meant a bonus of $800.00. In addition to that, I received another $500.00 award for having the highest dollar volume over quota, $17,898.00 above monthly quota of $25,000.00. These two months puts me on a fast track towards the Presidents Club whose membership includes additional bonuses and prizes such as a big screen plasma TV as well as a Caribbean Cruise on Carnival.  


Camille, the amount that I invested in your programs is small compared to the benefits and bonuses that you have helped me to achieve. Anybody who does not enroll in your courses is costing themselves money and letting the competition get ahead of them. I had my doubts initially about investing such a sum of money, and rest assured, I have no doubts, am very happy that I did. Thanks again for your help and conducting a program that is head and shoulders above ALL of the others that are out there."



John J. Clemens

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You are and will continue to be a huge factor in my success

"'Show me your coach/mentor, and I’ll show you your future success' a friend once told me. Camille you are and will continue to be a huge factor in my success. The things we have accomplished in this 6 month period have profited me hundreds of thousands, literally. You have helped me peel open my mind and see that there are no impossibilities except to break the laws that govern the universe.  


I know people that go to seminars and come out with a conviction to change their lives but shortly the conviction is replaced with complacency, and they fail in their desires. You have and continue to grow my conviction and resolve to have my dreams and live them. Thank you for being my coach and keeping my mind loose and open for the opportunity of success that is all around me!"


Thank you,

Jeff Frink, President, CCI Group and affiliates

You are incredible

“Thank you, again, Camille. You have been very instrumental in the tripling of my income and sales in the last 12 months. You are incredible, and I could not have done it without the help of you and your company. Your coaching was  invaluable.”  


- Nique Stewart, Melbourne, Australia -Sales

From our students

"Dear Camille,

Thanks for coming to Sydney. You have been the best!"

From Troy

(8 year old participant in 3 day Science of Getting Rich seminar)

We hope to see you in our class again soon

“Dear Camille,

I would like to thank you for coming to our class to speak to us. I found your theory very interesting. I have always believed that a person can be anything they want to be as long as you put your mind to it. I liked your explanation on the conscious and sub-conscious mind and how it affects the body. I would really like it if you would come back to our class, and go into more depth about goal setting. Once again thank you very much, and we hope to see you in our class again soon.”



Heather Sears

High School Student

You are very good at what you do

“Dear Ms. Kocsis,

Thank you very much for coming into our class and telling us about what you do. You were a very interesting speaker and the entire class really enjoyed you coming in. We learned a lot in the short amount of time you were here and every thing you taught us was interesting to us. I especially liked it because you were not boring as many people who try to speak are. You are very good at what you do!”



Crystal Birth

High School Student

I see so many new things happening

“Dear Ms. Camille Kocsis

Thank you for coming and speaking with our class. I’m not sure about the rest of the class, but I do know that I can guarantee that I enjoyed the visit. I know what it is that I want to do, but it was awesome hearing you say the same. I don’t think that I have ever heard of a motivational speaker before.


Hearing you speak has brought me to realize that I really can do anything that I want. Since you have been here, I have set some new goals for myself, and because I have put your ideas to use I see so many new things happening. Thank you again.”



Rebecka A. Miller

High School Student

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