"We help people figure out what they want most in life and then show them how to achieve it."   - Camille

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Healthy New You!

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Let Coach guide you to a healthy lifestyle!

What’s included:

  • Weekly calls lasting 60 minutes, over a 12 month period

  • Quarterly one on one calls with Coach to discuss your personal needs and situation.

  • “Conceive, Believe, Achieve!”  8 week tele-seminar with emphasis on healthy living… This class lays the foundation for the proper mindset necessary to the goal achieving process… and the coaching for a healthy lifestyle.

  • Success Binder and materials...

  • 1 book per month to read and add to your “healthy living library”

  • Coach Camille custom Journal to record your journey

  • Resources, recipes, experiences and lot’s of sharing and support!


Ask yourself what is it really worth if you can get to a point where you are healthy, happy and the new lifestyle is easy to maintain… to the point you don’t even think about what used to be? You just automatically make the right choices and maintain the results you desire because you have the knowledge, the proper mindset and a game plan. What is that worth? No processed, packaged foods delivered to your door, no calorie counting, no depravation… just common sense, knowledge and real food.  You must be very coachable and committed to finally get the results you want. Make the commitment. Do what is right for you. Join the program. Transform your life … PERMANENTLY.


In order to ensure the highest quality experience, seats in each group are very limited. Register TODAY.  Call 231-398-0938 to register.

Time for a new lifestyle and a new you! Be part of a group that not only educates you on healthy living but supports you every step of the way. Learn how to create a new self image, new healthy habits and a new healthy way of thinking that will bring you the results you have always dreamed of. You don’t need to do it alone. And you don’t have to “diet”. Diets are temporary and they typically don’t work. We will be making lasting changes in your thought process and eating habits. You need to be VERY coachable and open minded to get the most out of this program.


What does this program look like?

Weekly group calls lasting one hour where everyone shares an update on their success, poses questions to the group on challenges, and coach shares her “message” for the week along with assignments and resources. The last week of the month there is a book discussion on the healthy living “book of the month” which will be shipped to you at the end of the previous month.

There is a serious educational approach to this program as well as the mind set piece that is necessary to achieve the goals everyone sets. It is a supportive, positive group that encourages each person to switch their thinking and actions to a totally healthy living lifestyle that becomes second nature.

Join Coach and let this be the last “program” or “diet” you ever participate in!! Change your lifestyle permanently!